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Super Natural British Columbia!

This is the Slogan the province of British Columbia uses to celebrate 100 years national parks in BC. I chose it, because it fits quite well to the current topic.

Zodiak Boat Tour:

On Friday, June 24th, the group of International Education went on the last fieldtrip this year. A Zodiak Boat is an inflatable boat with two strong engines at the back, so it goes really fast. We drove around some islands and saw some of he wildlife.  First we saw lots of birds, but finally we saw some seals on a small island. I will post some pictures soon, but the upload function his not working very well at the moment, so I'll try it later. After the tour we had a BBQ next to the water.

Alouette Lake an Falls:

A friend of mine took me up to Alouette Lake on Sunday. The lake is almost five kilometres long and surrounded by forests and mountains. After seeing the lake we took a trail up two the waterfalls. There was a lot of water up there. You'll also see some pictures later.

Grouse Mountain:

This mountain is in North Vancouver and also called 'The peak of Vancouver' because you have an amazing view over Downtown Vancouver, Stanley-Park, the airport in Richmond, Vancouver Island and the USA. There's pretty much to do up there: The first show we saw, was a lumberjack-show. Lumberjacks are the guys who cut down trees and transport them to the sawmill. The did axe-throwing and tree-climbing. I'll upload a picture, where they do a very special thing. Be surprised! We also saw a bird-show, but the birds couldn't fly, because the wind was too strong, so they just showed them. With a chairlift we went to the actual peak, where the view down to Vancouver is best.

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