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The second most-amazing city in the world!

That's for sure Vancouver! Why? You'll find out during reading the paragraphs:

Bard on the Beach:

Last Friday (17.06.11) our school did a fieldtrip there (which I forgot to put on the status bar). Bard on the Beach is an open-air theater where they play Shakespeare-stuff. You have a great View over Downtown Vancouver, Stanley-Park and North Vancouver and it's right next to the sea. The beaches there are awesome. Everybody's having fun playing volleyball, chilling and swimming (well, actually a little bit cold for that). There are houses just across the street. But let's get back to the play: We watched "The Merchant of Venice", because we read it in school. It was well done and very funny!

Granville Island:

Today (21.06.11) I went to Granville Island. It's not actually an island but a peninsula (Halbinsel) and ist very close to Bard on the Beach. Actually (I shouldn't use this word so often) I planned to go back there, so I took the Skytrain to Science World (that's the building with big sphere on it) and started to walk westbound along the water. The houses there belong to the Olympic Village. The fist picture is taken from a small peninsula, which is filled with plants. It's like a little jungle. After that I hopped on the Aquabus, a little ferry as seen in the last picture and got off on Granville Island. The captain told me it's only five minutes to walk, but it would have been for sure a longer trip, so I decided to stay on the island. A performer did some tricks to entertain the audience: He juggled with burning torches and knives, but he also was a comedian. Here are some quotations:

(He is standing on a deck) Usually I do that on grass but yesterday I ran out.

(To a guy from Ottawa) Welcome to Canada!

My brother did this trick once, now he is my sister.

There is a bridge going right over Granville Island, so I walked across and shot a few pictures (25, actually (!) not that much).


German explanation:

Das ist ein 3D-Bild. Haltet euren Daumen ungefähr 50 cm vom Bildschirm und 25 cm von eurem Gesicht entfernt und schaut ihn an. Dann müsste sich im Hintergrund das 3D-Bild formen. Allerdings ist die Stereobasis nicht sehr geschickt gewählt, also schaut es euch nicht zu lange an, sonst könnten eure Augen in dieser Position stehenbleiben.

Keine Angst, war nur ein Witz. Allerdings können die Augen schon etwas wehtun.

But what's the first most-amazing city in the world?

Well, be proud of your hometown!

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