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Last weekend (12.06.11) I went with two friends to Whistler, which is 100 km north from Vancouver.

The ride on the coach was very nice:

The first thing we did in Whistler was a little hike to Lost Lake, one of the smaller lakes around Whistler. We followed the river, which goes right through the village, to the lake.

After that we did some sightseeing in Whistler Village. The houses all look pretty neat. That's because Whistler ist nearly only made for tourism and because of the Olympic games in 2010.

The last thing to do was a ride up to the peak of Whistler Mountain. During the gondola-ride you have a great view over the whole valley. There is still 2.5 m snow on the 2,181 m high peak.

Another famous attraction is the Peak to peak-Gondola. It connects the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain. The gondola goes over a valley at an altitude of 436 m.

The Canucks:

Tomorrow is the Stanley-Cup Finale between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins in Vancouver. The series is tied (3:3). The Canucks lost every game in Boston, but won every game at home. Tomorrow they play at home, so I hope, they win.

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