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Summer is finally here!

This weekend temperatures climbed over 25°C. The pool was finally done and we swam in it on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately it's not heated so it's quite cold. Anyways, it was fun. We threw some things in there, you can dive for. You can even jump head-first into the pool. It's nine feet deep (2,75 m).

Yesterday I went with our neighbours to a bike ride to Hayward Lake. This lake is the lower water reservoir of a dam, where they produce electricity. Unfortunately there wasn't enough water in it and we couldn't swim there. But the bike-ride was very nice, we stopped at a little creek with a river. There is also an old railroad-bridge.

No, the guy in the picture is not me.


Today there was the third game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately we lost 8:1. Boston shot 3 goals in the last two minutes. But everybody ist sure that we win the next game.

Entertainment is everything:

This actually happened last weekend. We just watched some TV and suddenly they showed a police car chase. It seems to me, that Americans (It was an american TV Station) really enjoy it. Every TV Station has a helicopter, with which they follow the cars from the air. The anchorman always said, "Fortunately nobody got hurt." but it sounded like "Unfortunately". Maybe that was his secret hope. I'm not sure if this makes much sense, because they tell details of the police-work, like where the police-cars are and where they are heading.

The 17.06. is the last normal schoolday. After that day there are only three Provincial Examinations. Every school in BC is doing that, so they can compare the schools.

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