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What a game!

The Canucks won the Western Finals against San Jose 4:1. It was a very exciting game. Vancouver scored first but later the San Jose Sharks got two goals. There was almost no hope for the Canucks for winning this game. There were only 14 seconds to go, then Kesler shot the goal for the tie and the game went into overtime. The overtime-periods were also very exciting. Yes. periods, because there was no goal in the first overtime-period. After 10 minutes in the second overtime Vancouver finally shot the last goal.

And now the promised reviews of the trips:

Pirates of the Carribbean 4: On stranger Tides

I can highly recommend you to watch it. The plot is kind of different than the other parts of the movie. But it's different in a better way. This time Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley aren't acting in the movie, but you won't miss them. This time Jack Sparrow and a new character, the pirate Blackbeard, are searching for the fountain of youth. It's really impressive when you watch the movie in 3D.

Cloverdale Rodeo:

Unfortunately we didn't see the actual rodeo, because it would have cost us another 25 bucks (slang for $) additional to the 10$ we already paid to get access to the rodeo ground, where you can do several rides (which are quite expensive). There were also an animalshow with pigs, horses, goats and cows and a dog-performance show, where dogs did quite impressive tricks.

Fieldtrip to Victoria:

This was the most exciting Fieldtrip. It was Victoria-Day when we went there, so there was a big parade. But it's different from a german parade, because there were many cars with some decoration and lots of advertising. It was planned to go to there wax-museum, but it was closed. So everybody could walk on his/her own through the city and do some sightseeing. The ferry-ride to Vancouver Island is also very nice, because you see lots of small island with houses on them. Sometimes you can even see whales, but we didn't. Here are some pictures:

On the ferry-ride.


Government building with a statue of Queen Victoria.

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