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Last weekend (12.06.11) I went with two friends to Whistler, which is 100 km north from Vancouver.

The ride on the coach was very nice:

The first thing we did in Whistler was a little hike to Lost Lake, one of the smaller lakes around Whistler. We followed the river, which goes right through the village, to the lake.

After that we did some sightseeing in Whistler Village. The houses all look pretty neat. That's because Whistler ist nearly only made for tourism and because of the Olympic games in 2010.

The last thing to do was a ride up to the peak of Whistler Mountain. During the gondola-ride you have a great view over the whole valley. There is still 2.5 m snow on the 2,181 m high peak.

Another famous attraction is the Peak to peak-Gondola. It connects the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain. The gondola goes over a valley at an altitude of 436 m.

The Canucks:

Tomorrow is the Stanley-Cup Finale between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins in Vancouver. The series is tied (3:3). The Canucks lost every game in Boston, but won every game at home. Tomorrow they play at home, so I hope, they win.

15.6.11 05:15

Summer is finally here!

This weekend temperatures climbed over 25°C. The pool was finally done and we swam in it on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately it's not heated so it's quite cold. Anyways, it was fun. We threw some things in there, you can dive for. You can even jump head-first into the pool. It's nine feet deep (2,75 m).

Yesterday I went with our neighbours to a bike ride to Hayward Lake. This lake is the lower water reservoir of a dam, where they produce electricity. Unfortunately there wasn't enough water in it and we couldn't swim there. But the bike-ride was very nice, we stopped at a little creek with a river. There is also an old railroad-bridge.

No, the guy in the picture is not me.


Today there was the third game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately we lost 8:1. Boston shot 3 goals in the last two minutes. But everybody ist sure that we win the next game.

Entertainment is everything:

This actually happened last weekend. We just watched some TV and suddenly they showed a police car chase. It seems to me, that Americans (It was an american TV Station) really enjoy it. Every TV Station has a helicopter, with which they follow the cars from the air. The anchorman always said, "Fortunately nobody got hurt." but it sounded like "Unfortunately". Maybe that was his secret hope. I'm not sure if this makes much sense, because they tell details of the police-work, like where the police-cars are and where they are heading.

The 17.06. is the last normal schoolday. After that day there are only three Provincial Examinations. Every school in BC is doing that, so they can compare the schools.

7.6.11 07:42

Das Wochenende (27.05. - 29.05.)

The weekend was very busy, because Jenny invited some relatives from Vancouver Island to our home. It was much fun. But now I give you an idea of the other things I did this weekend:

Fast Five:
Yes, I went to the movie theatre again. The movie is the fifth part of the "Fast and Furious" movies. Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson play major roles. Fans of actionmovies will love it. But the end is a little bit unreal.


On Sunday we went to Stanley-Park in Vancouver. The weather was very nice (warm and sunny).
We went to the lighthouse at the east end, the Vancouver Aquarium and to the totem poles:

- Tomorrow the Stanley-Cup finals start (Vancouver-Boston)
- Next weekend we go to Whister
- School ends soon, so we have some days off before we fly back
1.6.11 03:10

What a game!

The Canucks won the Western Finals against San Jose 4:1. It was a very exciting game. Vancouver scored first but later the San Jose Sharks got two goals. There was almost no hope for the Canucks for winning this game. There were only 14 seconds to go, then Kesler shot the goal for the tie and the game went into overtime. The overtime-periods were also very exciting. Yes. periods, because there was no goal in the first overtime-period. After 10 minutes in the second overtime Vancouver finally shot the last goal.

And now the promised reviews of the trips:

Pirates of the Carribbean 4: On stranger Tides

I can highly recommend you to watch it. The plot is kind of different than the other parts of the movie. But it's different in a better way. This time Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley aren't acting in the movie, but you won't miss them. This time Jack Sparrow and a new character, the pirate Blackbeard, are searching for the fountain of youth. It's really impressive when you watch the movie in 3D.

Cloverdale Rodeo:

Unfortunately we didn't see the actual rodeo, because it would have cost us another 25 bucks (slang for $) additional to the 10$ we already paid to get access to the rodeo ground, where you can do several rides (which are quite expensive). There were also an animalshow with pigs, horses, goats and cows and a dog-performance show, where dogs did quite impressive tricks.

Fieldtrip to Victoria:

This was the most exciting Fieldtrip. It was Victoria-Day when we went there, so there was a big parade. But it's different from a german parade, because there were many cars with some decoration and lots of advertising. It was planned to go to there wax-museum, but it was closed. So everybody could walk on his/her own through the city and do some sightseeing. The ferry-ride to Vancouver Island is also very nice, because you see lots of small island with houses on them. Sometimes you can even see whales, but we didn't. Here are some pictures:

On the ferry-ride.


Government building with a statue of Queen Victoria.

25.5.11 08:09

Unterschiede zwischen Kanada und Deutschland (Teil 2)

In der Schule:

Nahezu jeder in der Schule hat ein eigenes Schließfach, da die Bücher sehr schwer sind. Unser Mathebuch für ein Schuljahr ist genauso dick wie unser Physikbuch in Deutschland, das wir drei Jahre lang benutzen. Da jeder ein Schließfach hat sind die Wände in allen Gängen der Schule mit Schließfächern zugepflastert.

Am Ende des Schuljahres werden in vielen Fächern Jahresexamen geschrieben. Das Besondere daran ist, dass man 2 Wochen vor Ferienbeginn keine reguläre Schule mehr hat, sondern nur noch ab und zu für die Prüfungen in die Schule kommt.

Die Vekehrsregeln:

Die Verkehrsregeln in Kanada erschließen sich für einen Deutschen nicht sofort. Es git jedenfalls kein allgemeines Rechts vor Links. Das ist aber auch ziemlich das einzige das ich verstanden habe. Wenn oberste Regel an Kreuzungen ist anscheinend "Wer zuerst kommt, fährt zuerst". Allerdings nur wenn keine Fußgänger in unmittelbarer nähe sind. Auch wenn an der Kreuzung keine Fußgängerüberwege sind, hat erstmal der Fußgänger Vorfahrt. Das gilt allerdings nicht an Zebrastreifen: Hier muss man als Fußgänger Vorsicht walten lassen, da der Zebrastreifen (zumindest inoffiziell) als rechtsfreier Raum (vor allem für Fußgänger) gilt.

Das Fernsehen:

Da die meisten Kanadier auch oft (bzw. fast nur) amerikanisches Fernsehen schauen gibt es sehr viele Kanäle, aber keine öfftentlich-rechtlichen Sender. Viele haben auch eine Box der großen Kabelbetreiber mit denen Sendungen aufgezeichnet werden können oder Sendungen auf Abruf angeschaut werden. Ältere Folgen beliebter Serien gibt sogar umsonst.


Allgemein scheint in Kanada alles etwas teurer zu sein. Das ist allerdings nicht auf den ersten Blick ersichtlich, da alles erstmal ohne 12% Steuer deklariert werden. Außerdem sollte man in Restaurants immer Trinkgeld geben, da die Bedienungen nur davon leben.

Die Münzen sind auch etwas seltsam. Die 5 Cent Münze ist nahezu doppelt so groß wie die 10 Cent Münze. Klein ist hingegen die Beschriftung der Münzen. Man muss schon sehr genau hinschauen die Zahl ablesen zu können.

Da es schon ziemlich spät ist, schreibe ich morgen über die Ausflüge. Oben ist ein Bild von der Überfahrt mit der Fähre nach Victoria.

24.5.11 07:20

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