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Pictures and other Stuff

Here are the promised pictures. Unfortunately I still can't upload the pictures of Grouse Mountain. I'll try it again later and add them here.

Zodiak Boat-Tour:

Alouette Lake and Falls:

Grouse Mountain (edit):

Wildplay Maple Ridge:

It's hard to explain that in English, so here is the german explantion:

Wildplay ist ein Hochseilgarten in Maple Ridge. Auf dem Weg zu Alouette Lake kommt man dort vorbei. Die meisten Elemente dort sind ín einer Höhe von ungefähr 10m angebracht. Es hat wirklich viel Spaß gemacht, herumzuklettern, aber im Hochseilgarten Laichingen gibt es mehr und spannendere Elemente.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

That's the third part of Transformers. A Neighbour invited me on Tuesday. The movie has lots of action and a good story. And everything is in 3D! I didn't see the first two parts, but it's easy to understand the story though. Today I maybe go to see X-Men First Class.

Tomorrow I'll write my last article in Canada. Maybe I write a short one when I'm back in Germany.

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